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The School Day

Week One

08.40 am Registration/Assembly
08.55 am Period 1
09.55 am Period 2
10.55 am Break
11.15 am Period 3
12.15 pm Period 4
1.15 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Period 5

Monday Week Two Only

08.40 am Registration/Assembly
08.55 am Period 1
09.45 am Period 2
10.35 am Break
10.55 am Period 3
11.45 am Period 4
12.35 pm Lunch
1.10 pm Period 5
2.00 pm End of School Day

The School Week

With the above school day timings, it equates to students being in for the equivalent of 31.15 hours per week over a two week timetable. 31.65 hours in Week 1 and 30.65 hours in Week 2. Prior to moving in to the school building, we shortened the lunch time from 1 hour to 45 minutes. This was a total reduction of 1.25 hours to the school week but was not a reduction in lesson time. The main reason for this was because of the lack of facilities in the old school to serve students lunch in good time. We now have six serveries in school, meaning that 45 minute lunchtimes ensure all students can be served in good time as well as ensuring a wide range of lunch time extra-curricular sessions and academic revision sessions can also run.

In 2018, the Governing Body and School Leadership Team consulted upon and subsequently implemented shortening Week 2 Mondays by one hour to provide an additional eighteen hours of staff continuous professional development (CPD) time over each academic year. This has been well received by staff and has ensured quality CPD for all staff to ensure developments positively impact the leadership, teaching and learning at Culcheth School. Annual staff surveys, external reports and the awarding of the Teacher Development Trust Gold Award for staff CPD validates the positive impact of this additional CPD.

Period 6 (3-4pm) lessons take place most days to complement the learning during the school day. This is mainly in the GCSE courses and practical subjects to supplement NEA work. A vast range of extra-curricular opportunities for all students are available most days, after school, along side many weekend and school holiday activities and visits.

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