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Pupil Premium Uniform Order

Uniform – New Pupil Premium uniform ordering process

From Monday 8th June our uniform is available via our supplier SWI’s online shop:

Due to COVID-19 governmental guidance, the school is unable to operate a physical shop. Therefore, we cannot allow students to try on uniform items before purchase or manage customers within school.

If purchases are made via the SWI website directly, reimbursement will be required from the school. Proof of purchase will be required if you wish to use your Pupil Premium (PP) educational voucher. For that reason, it is suggested that orders are made by completion of this Google Form and submitting the order directly to the PP team at Culcheth High School.

The form can be found at:

Once a form is submitted a member of the PP team will contact the purchaser within 48 hours (during school hours Mon-Fri) to advise of the status of the order. Please note, if an order is placed during school holidays it may take up to 7 days before contact is made by a member of the PP team..

Once an order has been submitted and confirmed by the PP team the request will be sent to  the supplier. Please note that PP orders are submitted weekly. The order will be dispatched within 3-5 working days by the supplier.

A delivery address is required with a uniform order. Please note that orders cannot be delivered to the school.

We ask that orders are double-checked before submission. 

Culcheth High School cannot process any exchanges or returns. SWI will deal directly with exchanges or returns should they be required. Details of the procedure to follow are included with the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my order not been processed?

  • Insufficient credit on PP voucher.
  • Incomplete order form (e.g. no postal address, no sizes given etc.)

How do I find out how much I have left on my PP educational voucher?

At the start of every academic year your son/daughter’s account will be credited with £100.00. The PP team makes £100 directly available to families to support their child’s progress in school during this academic year. Contact the in-school PP team to find out your balance.

N.B. The money does not roll over into the next academic year, due to financial restrictions

How do I return items and ensure my PP educational voucher is refunded?

Culcheth High School does not have any facility to process exchanges or returns.

Items can be returned by using the prepaid label which will be included with the delivered uniform.

Please advise the school of any returns  in order that your PP educational voucher can be credited.  

If a replacement uniform is required please complete the Google Form.

What if I want to place an order that exceeds the value remaining on my PP educational voucher?

Firstly, place the full order on the Google Form.

Once a member of the PP team has reviewed the order, they will send you a confirmation email of the contribution from the PP voucher and the remaining balance left to pay to confirm the order. Once you know your remaining balance, you will need to pay the additional amount to “ppuniform” via ParentPay. 

Once all monies have been received, your order will be placed, processed and delivered.

We hope you have found this information useful. If you should have any queries please contact .

Mr P Groves and Miss C Flaherty

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