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Culcheth High School is a highly successful and over-subscribed community school in the heart of semi-rural Warrington. We are recognised as “a good school” by OFSTED with many outstanding features. As a high performing school over a number of years, we genuinely strive to become the ‘best that we can be’ in all aspects of our work for young people and the community.

Our school’s purpose is to inspire students to achieve and guide them to be confident, articulate and skilled citizens to enable them to thrive in a diverse British and global community. The school is committed to exacting high standards, to expecting excellence from all and to developing outstanding learning with staff and students. We are an ambitious and forward thinking institution where students’ success lies at the heart of everything we do.

We relish the opportunity and responsibility for driving student success forwards and we are very proud of all our young people’s achievements – attainment and progress at Culcheth are consistently much higher than that found in most schools nationally.

Culcheth High School enjoys an enviable reputation for being a warm and welcoming school where genuinely every person matters. We want everyone to be part of a caring school community where everyone is valued and everyone values relationships.  We expect all members of our school community to be the best they can be and help others to be the best that they can be by valuing: Respect, Honesty and Excellence.  READ MORE

Mr C P Hunt

End of Term Arrangements 2020-21 – Parental Letter

COVID-19 Positive Cases – Daily Parental Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus – School Information

Summer 2021 Examination Information

Year 11 GCSE exam results can be collected from school on Thursday 12th August 2021. Further information can be found here.

FSM Holiday Support Fund

School Prospectus

SOSCHS – Confidential Electronic Reporting System for Students

Train to Teach at Culcheth Campus

Uniform at Culcheth High School

Culcheth High School App

Year 7 Transition

Student Learning Portal

OFSTED Parent View 2020/2021

Year 11 Notices

Parent Pay

Forthcoming Events / School Dates



Autumn first half-term

Year 11 GCSE Information Evening

Year 7 Pupil Premium Talk Event

Pupil Premium Parents' Information Evening

School Open Evening


Year 7 Parents' Information Evening

Autumn second half-term

Moonwatch Evening

Year 11 Parents' Evening (A Side)

Year 11 Parents' Evening (B Side)

School Drama Production

School Drama Production

School Drama Production

Christmas Carol Service

Spring first half-term

Year 8 Parents' Evening (A Side)

Year 8 Parents' Evening (B Side)

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

Spring second half-term

Year 7 Parents' Evening (A Side)

Annual Careers Fair (provisional)

Year 7 Parents' Evening (B Side)

Year 11 Final Reports sent home

Year 10 Parents' Evening (A Side)

Year 10 Parents' Evening (B Side)

Summer first half-term

Year 9 Parents' Evening (A Side)

Year 9 Parents' Evening (B Side)

Summer second half-term

Commencement of Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Year 7-10 Final Reports sent home

End of Public Exams


Virtual Induction Evening for Year 6 Parents

Sports Day

Virtual Celebration Evening

Parents are kept well informed of how they can keep their children safe and the school website provides a range of resources specifically for parents. Where specific issues occur, leaders act swiftly, sensitively and scrupulously. (OFSTED 2017)

Pupils are given a wide and varied programme of support so that they know how to keep themselves safe in school and in the community. (OFSTED 2017)

Leaders’ work to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils has been impressive. The difference between the achievement of this group of pupils and their peers nationally has more than halved in one year. This massive impact is evidence of the capacity and tenacity of leaders. (OFSTED 2017)

Teachers are provided with a well thought out programme of ongoing training which has the teachers’ standards at its core. Staff value this and pupils commented to inspectors that teaching is engaging. (OFSTED 2017)

Since the last inspection, the quality of teaching has improved and pupils’ work shows that they continue to deepen their skills, knowledge and understanding. (OFSTED 2017)

The leadership team ‘run the school with an honest integrity which nurtures a high-trust environment where pupils and staff can flourish.’ (OFSTED 2017)

Students make good progress from their starting points and attain high standards in GCSE examinations.

The curriculum meets students’ needs. It is enhanced by an extensive programme of activities, after school and visits during and out of school time.

Students with special educational needs achieve well as a result of the well-planned provision and effective support they receive.

The proportion of students attaining A* to C passes at GCSE in a wide range of subjects is significantly higher than found nationally

Students develop good knowledge, skills and understanding well in most subjects, including English and mathematics

Students consistently achieve results that are well above those of students nationally. In 2013, the proportion of students gaining at least five GCSE passes at grade C or above, including in English and mathematics, and their attainment in English and in mathematics, increased even further

Culcheth High is a good school – it provides a good education for students.

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