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The Best That We Can Be

Our School’s Purpose Is….

To inspire students to achieve and guide them to be confident, articulate and skilled citizens to enable them to thrive in a diverse British and global community.

Our Vision of Culcheth High School is…

  • A truly exceptional forward thinking school with high expectations for all learners through a relentless approach to breaking down barriers to learning and evidenced by high standards of achievement across all ages, regardless of background
  • A learning centred school which strives to nurture and develop the talents of all of its students
  • A vibrant, tolerant and aspirational school community characterised by high levels of staff and student happiness and mutual respect, underpinned by pride, ambition and a commitment to achievement and enrichment for all
  • A school community where all staff are committed to the ‘Always Learning’ ethos through personalised professional development underpinned by a collaborative coaching culture which promotes and nurtures all staff to sustain excellence and develop further
  • A school that truly works in the community, with the community and for the community
  • A financially efficient school that can provide for itself, think for itself and utilise resources to maximise the best outcomes for all
  • A school that provides a relevant, purposeful and inspiring curriculum for all students enabling them to be active citizens in a modern diverse British and global community

Our School’s Values:

We want everyone to work in a caring school where everyone is valued and everyone values relationships. Our emotionally intelligent school community will celebrate individual differences and people will understand how their actions will impact upon, and be perceived by, those they affect; We expect all members of our school community to be the best they can be and help others to be the best that they can be by valuing: Respect, Honesty and Excellence.
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