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• End of Term: School will close at 1.15pm this Friday 19th July 2024 and school buses have been arranged for 1.15-1.30pm. A letter including full details of the day has been emailed to parents and is on the school website.

• STEM Club: There will be no STEM Club on Thursday 18th July, due to CHS SummerFest. Have a lovely summer and see you back at STEM Club next year.

• Year 10 Reports: End of year reports will be issued in registration on Thursday 18th July. Please note that these reports will include a full report of the most recent Year 10 PPE grades. You will receive a text message from school on the day – please click to confirm receipt. If you have any questions, please submit these at the same time. Every year, teaching staff work very hard to turn the marking of PPE papers round quickly so that we can publish the results before the holidays. If the results raise any questions or concerns, these will all be addressed immediately in September by the Year 11 pastoral team and teachers.

• School Uniform Shopping: As we edge closer to the end of term, we’re already looking ahead to September. Our uniform provider SWI is working hard to make sure our parents will be able to find everything they need. This is a reminder that the best way to ensure your child has all the uniform they need in good time for the start of the school year is to shop early, if this is possible for you. Please visit the website of our uniform supplier SWI now, and register an account so that you can complete your shopping in good time and receive reminders, news on stock and special offers. We know not all parents are able to shop early, but the challenges posed when large numbers of families shop in the last two weeks of August is something we are all keen to avoid. Please help us to help you to ensure we all return in September prepared for the year ahead.

• GCSE Exam Results: These will be available for students to collect from the School Hall on Thursday 22nd August 2024 between 8.45am and 10.15am. Please visit the school website for further information.

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