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Eagle and Robin Transition Project

Developed through a partnership with Culcheth High School and Newchurch Primary School, The Eagle and Robin Transition Project is a collection of subject specific transition projects designed to bridge the gap between primary and secondary school by introducing Year 6 students to key knowledge and skills from a range of secondary ‘Ebacc’ subjects: English, maths, science, geography and history.

Developed by Culcheth High School teachers, the CHS Modern Foreign Languages Foundation Project consists of two separate projects: the CHS French Foundation Project and the CHS Spanish Foundation Project. The projects aim to introduce Year 6 students to core aspects of language study, with a focus on key vocabulary, through a series of lessons that will give students a distinct advantage when starting to study languages in Year 7 as well as offering an opportunity for enrichment and enjoyment.

All Projects are fully resourced (lesson plans, presentations and resources) and ready to be used. Anyone is welcome to access them. Please click the image below to view the resources. 

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