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FSM Holiday Support Fund

Dear CHS community,

In light of recent parliamentary decisions, and prompted by our wonderfully generous school community, we have decided to create a voluntary holiday support fund for our FSM families.

If you would like to contribute as a student, parent, carer, grandparent, staff member, member of the local community… whomever, then please contact the main office who will add this option to your ParentPay

If you do not hold a ParentPay account with CHS and would like to contribute, cheques in clearly labelled envelopes will also be accepted made payable to Culcheth High School. The Finance Team will then deposit donated cheque monies in this FSM fund.

The ParentPay description is as follows. To reiterate, you will only see this option if you request this via the main school office.

#WeAreCHS FSM Holiday Support Fund

This is a voluntary contribution for any parent who wishes to kindly contribute to the Fund which will support families on Free School Meals during the holidays.

Best wishes,

Mr Groves

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