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Launched by our Youth Health Champions, Culcheth High School students took part in the recently conducted ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot. As a result of this vote, young people have backed education reform to be a top priority for Government in this ballot of 978,216 young people from across the country, which canvassed the views of nearly a million young people, aged 11-18, across the UK on the top five topics to be debated in the House of Commons.

The call for education reform is not about the type of school, but what is taught in it. The winning campaign topic is a ‘curriculum for life’ that would better prepare young people for their life after school. This was followed by tackling racism and religious discrimination, transport, lowering the voting age to 16, and stopping cuts to the NHS.

Young people have been passionate about creating a curriculum for life for a number of years. It’s evident that young people want citizenship education and PSHE’s place in the curriculum to be prioritised. Both are really important for young people’s growth and development as they teach vital life skills and can be the first steps to engaging young people in political life

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