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On Tuesday 27th June, Year 9 students had a busy day designing fundraising ideas to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The day started with a speaker from TCT explaining where our money goes, and how it helps young people as they experience the difficult journey through being diagnosed and then treated for cancer.

Each form group was given a fundraising idea and they had to come up with their own idea as to how to make money. It was a busy three hours designing, planning, creating, and then during Period 5, each form group presented their idea to two of our Governors. The winning form was 9I with their ‘Tin Can Alley’ but other forms came up with brilliant ideas ranging from a traditional Treasure Island game to Chilli Bean Challenge and ‘A hat-trick for Patric’ – a goal shoot game.

Two of the forms then completed their fundraising idea on our annual Patric Wilson Memorial Day (Friday July 7th) to try and raise as much money as possible for TCT and Cancer Research (see photo in separate newsletter, of staff being gunged with baked beans)!

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