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We were very lucky to have three former Culcheth High School students attend our assembly recently. They talked about what GCSEs they took and what they are doing now.

Natalie left in 1991 and studied English at university, but this didn’t work out and she left after a year. She decided to fulfil her dream of working for British Midland as part of the cabin crew. After the birth of her son, she wanted a job which fit in better with family life and so became a school receptionist. She is now working for North Lancs Training helping young people get into apprenticeships.

Tom left in 2005 and studied at Priestley College. He then went to university to do a degree in Architecture and is now a fully qualified architect.

Lawrence left in 2013 and is currently at Priestley College and hopes to go to Manchester University to study Law in September.

From this experience we have learnt to choose subjects which we enjoy
but also to make sure we think ahead to the future as there may be particular subjects required for certain jobs. All of the speakers stressed the importance of making the most of opportunities and taking part in extra-curricular activities as this will help us develop skills and experience for the future.
Georgie Moss and Max Nicholls 9N

If any former students want to get involved with Culcheth High School please register on the following website: . We would love to hear from you.

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