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In October 2015, the annual Year 7 French Spelling Bee was launched.  Nearly the whole of Year 7 was involved in the competition and over a period of two months, the students were given 30 French words to learn, culminating in the students competing to spell as many of these words as possible in one minute. Not only did the students have to learn the spelling of these words, they also had to spell them in French!

The top spellers from each individual class progressed to the whole school competition and were given an additional 70 words to learn! A final competition was then held to find the top three spellers from Year 7 who would then proceed to compete in the regional final against other schools in the North West.

After a tough competition and some excellent performances, the three winners were; Gracie Cooke-Welling (7A), Olivia Dunn (7U), Samay Prakash (7T). The regional finals were held on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at Manchester Metropolitan University. With a further 50 words to learn, all four students performed extremely well on the day and did Culcheth High School very proud. Well done to Samay, Gracie and Olivia (and the whole of Year 7) – you were great! Thank you also to Beth Brooks (8U) and last year’s school competition winners, Faith Bridge (8U), Mark Westwood (8I) and Matthew Deeran (8I) for their support and for helping the Year 7 students prepare for the regional final.

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