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What do you do when you get home from school in the evening? One Year 7 student is very busy. As well as the usual homework, socialising and football training, Jakub Kocis in 7I is also practising his Slovakian!

Jakub’s family hail from eastern Slovakia, although he was born in the UK. As a dual citizen, he is registered to a Slovakian school, as well as CHS. As a result of this, he must travel back to Slovakia each summer to undergo assessments in Slovakian geography, history, literacy and grammar.

He studies Slovakian for several hours each week to ensure that he is keeping up with his extra studies. He also speaks a mixture of Slovakian and English at home. He says he feels glad that he can speak Slovakian as it widens his options for later life. He also finds that speaking Slovakian has made learning French a bit easier, as many of the parts of grammar such as accents and genders are similar.

D’akujem sa čitnie (thank you for reading).

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