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Towards the end of the summer term, our Year 10 students, now in Year 11, were each provided with the opportunity to visit several local college and sixth form providers. During the visits, students were able to attend taster sessions across a range of subjects enabling them to gain a full insight into what studying those subjects at that establishment would be like.

During the visit to Warrington Collegiate, students were able to participate in taster sessions for vocational as well as academic subjects including plumbing, media make-up as well as more traditional subjects as Art and PE. A BBQ lunch was provided which was a great treat for the students after their hard work in the morning sessions.

Winstanley College provided sessions across their wide range of A Level courses with students receiving tasters in History, Politics, English, Psychology and Philosophy to name just a few. Another BBQ lunch was provided (again to the joy of staff and students in attendance) with students managing to enjoy the external communal spaces available on the college grounds.

St John Rigby provided the third taster day for our students and introduced them to a new option as they begin to work closely alongside our staff and students. Again, students were able to attend taster sessions across a range of subject areas such as Media, Law, Government and Politics as well as Health and Social, Acting and Public Services.

All colleges captured the attention and imagination of our staff and students and will have certainly given our students some difficult choices as they begin to plan for their futures away from CHS after their GCSE exams next summer. It is great to be able to provide our students the opportunity to attend so many taster sessions as this will only help them make informed choices about where to study next year.

We can’t wait to take our current Year 10 students on their taster days later this year

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