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Thursday 30th June 2016 proved to be a very eventful one for the Year 10 students, as they participated in a full day, designed to make them more aware of the dangers on the roads, and the impact that even the smallest traffic collision can have on a community.

The day started with a hard-hitting and realistic reconstruction of a traffic collision involving one vehicle and some pedestrians. Once students in Year 10 had assembled outside, they were met with the sight of the aftermath of a collision which had just taken place. Professionals and advocates from Cheshire Fire Service, Cheshire Police and The Highways Agency talked the students through what was happening, as emergency vehicles arrived to attend to the scene and rescue the passengers and pedestrians. It was a very emotional and thought-provoking experience for all who witnessed it.

After that, working in tutor groups, students worked with the emergency service professionals and advocates before listening to
presentations by three people whose lives have been affected by road traffic collisions. The final speaker, Rob, who works for The Highways Agency, gave an especially moving account of how his life has changed, after he was involved in a serious traffic collision eleven years ago.

Overall, the aim of the day was to encourage students to behave in a safer way whilst on the roads as pedestrians, passengers and then drivers. The day made the students think about how a road traffic collision is like ‘ripples in water’ – our actions can have a profound effect on all around us.

We extend warm and sincere thanks to all the emergency services professionals, WBC and all the staff who were involved with the day.

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