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On Friday 1st April, Year 10 students had a Mock Exam Results Day. The idea was first introduced by Assistant Headteacher, Mr Groves, to give the students the full exam experience.

Forms were allocated to rooms and the students went to get their results from Shakespeare in register order. They talked to their form tutors about what went well and what to improve on. Grades and feeling towards grades were discussed; if students were unsure on their future career path or wanted information about colleges, they could speak to Mrs Morris, the Careers Advisor.

When the students had finished their results day experience, they were asked for feedback, by way of a survey, on how the results day went and how the students felt about their results.

The mock exam results day benefited the students and gave them a good overview of how they’re doing so far in Year 10. With the help of the tutors and the careers advisor, students were able to reflect on their results effectively. Also, as Year 10 had upcoming science exams in May, it helped students to find out which section of science needed the most attention when revising. The mock exam results day turned out to be a success and has helped the year substantially.

Edward Browne 10T

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