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At the end of the summer term, the Year 10 GCSE PE students visited the Lakeland Adventure Centre on Coniston Lake. Over the weekend we completed a range of activities including:

Ghyll Scrambling: At the activity centre, we got given all the necessary equipment and took a twenty minute drive into Coniston village, where we would do the activity. The ghyll scrambling involved walking over rocks and up waterfalls, including various tasks such as the underwater headstands, trust falls and creating a dam.

Kayaking: Kayaking involved learning the basic skills before heading onto the lake where we kayaked to a small island. Once we got to the island, we had time to walk around and explore the surroundings and then we jumped off the rocks into the water.
Canoeing: In pairs, we played team games in the water to help us get used to the canoe and how to control it by seeing who could pick up the most rubber animals the quickest. We then rowed over to the jetty where we jumped into the water. The teachers even played a game of hide and seek with us through the house.

A team-building activity was planned for our last day where, in our groups, we made a raft and had a competition to see whose
was the best and sturdiest. The teachers got very competitive, wanting their groups to become the champions. We then finished the day off with a challenge set by the Lakeland adventure team to see how many belly-flops we could do in one minute into the lake.

The watersports trip was by far the highlight of Year 10 and we would like to thank the teachers for organising the trip!

Grace Tinnion and Emily Sinkinson, Year 11

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