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It is a very exciting time for staff at Culcheth High School. I have recently been appointed as the Lead Teacher of Research at Culcheth High School and part of my role is to engage staff in research and begin to drive a culture of using evidence and research to inform teaching and learning. School leaders have spent a number of years visiting other schools that are already ‘evidence informed’ and driven by academic research and the benefits for both staff and students has been an absolute pleasure to see. Our vision has been further influenced by the latest government guidance on CPD published in July 2016.

Mr Brown and I have worked hard to create a comprehensive CPD programme to compliment and further develop the fantastic
teaching and learning our students experience at Culcheth High School. Our #AlwaysLearning CPD programme provides our teachers with opportunities to access the most up to date and relevant research, to collaborate with peers and encourages them to explore and use this research effectively within their role. There are a number of benefits to Culcheth High becoming evidence informed. The EEF reported that “engaging in research evidence was perceived to encourage practitioner reflection and open-mindedness: ‘Engaging with research gets you thinking, it challenges you and makes you evaluate carefully your teaching methods and the reasons behind them”.

Our vision at Culcheth High is to become an effective ‘evidence informed’ school underpinned by relevant, up to date, credible research. Why is this important?

Tom Bennett, founder of ResearchEd states “At the moment, a lot of research is very distant from the classroom, it’s done by people who don’t understand children, it’s done by people who have never taught. I want teachers to engage more with good research and drive future research.”

We have lots of creative ideas for how to develop this further at Culcheth High School. Check out to the next newsletter for more information!

Miss J Lomax, Lead Teacher of Research

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