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About two months ago, Lucy had to go for a water polo trial in Northampton. She went to trial for ESSA (English, School, Swimming, Association). This is a team that she was almost certain she wouldn’t get  in because she was a year too young for the team and also, the standard of the other athletes was extremely high.

When Lucy got the news that she had been selected, she was on her Duke of Edinburgh expedition with school. She was so happy and excited.

Being selected meant that Lucy would travel to Malta to take part in the competitions there. Only sixteen girls and sixteen boys from the whole of England were chosen to go, and Lucy was TJ (Team Junior). About a week before going to Malta she got sent her kit, which consisted of: a water polo costume, fleece, shorts and three tops.

On 23rd October 2017, Lucy had to travel down to Heathrow airport for her flight to Malta. Once they arrived in Malta, they trained for four days and then played three official water polo matches against the Italian team, the Portuguese team and Maltese team. They also got lots of free time and Lucy felt that overall it was an amazing and exciting trip. The thing that topped off the whole trip though was the fact that Lucy’s team won, they were even presented with their medals in front of the crowd. Well done Lucy!!

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