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Over the last term, students in Years 7 and 10 have been treated to a range of workshops, delivered by Warrington Youth Service, via their Personal Development lessons, designed specifically for young people to identify risk-taking behaviours in detail, provide emotional wellbeing and resilience alongside accessing proactive strategies to make informed choices. The Year 10 workshops were devised to increase awareness and understanding of New Psychoactive Substances (NPSs – formerly ‘Legal Highs’); what they are, perceptions of them, the effects they have, how to develop skills and strategies to resist peer pressure and the range of services available to young people. The Year 7 workshops aimed to increase awareness and knowledge of self-esteem and the influences on it; understanding the emotions that affect self-esteem, and examining how self-esteem is affected by other factors such as physical environment, other people, the media, etc.

Alongside this, the ‘Youth Service Mobile Bus’ was available to all students every Tuesday lunchtime for a period of six weeks. The brand new, state of the art, mobile provision supported the delivery of the workshops by providing an informal, confidential space for all students to access a range of ‘risky behaviour’ themes including healthy relationships, the hazards of smoking, self-esteem and body image, alcohol awareness, NPSs, sexual health, child sexual exploitation (CSE), drugs awareness, and equality and diversity.

The workshops and mobile service were a huge success with our students week after week, which is a testament to the outstanding knowledge, provision and approachability of the volunteers/staff. Many thanks to the Warrington Youth Service Team for providing our students with such superb experiences and opportunities

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