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Many thanks once again to Warrington Borough Council’s fabulous Youth Health Service team for providing invaluable support to our new starters in Year 7. The mobile bus, staffed by Youth workers, gave our students the opportunity to discuss and increase their awareness of self-esteem and the external influences on it, encouraged understanding of the emotions that may
affect self-esteem and examined healthy relationships and the qualities of good friendships in an informal and unpressured setting. The activities were well attended and we hope that this has helped to alleviate any stresses associated with transition to secondary school.

The tips below can help you support your child to settle in faster;

– There will undoubtedly be more homework and assessment requirements now, so you can help your young person by having a quiet place to study (away from distractions such as the TV or mobile phones) and encouraging them to get into a routine
of completing homework (so that it doesn’t become an issue!)
HINT: Tell your child to speak up if they need help – the earlier they do this the better!

– Try to arrange for an adult to be at home when your child leaves for school and arrives home for the first few weeks and ensure your child eats well, gets plenty of physical activity and lots of sleep. The change to secondary school is likely to make your child very tired at first!
HINT: Inclusion is a great way to help your child transition to secondary school – check the newsletter for new sports teams and clubs and get them to join in!

– Talk to your child about how they are settling in – what they are most enjoying or finding difficult and really listen to what they are saying. Be prepared for early ups and downs because any adjustments take time – but if things don’t settle after the first six weeks then contact your child’s form tutor with any concerns. HINT: Remind your child that it’s okay to feel nervous about starting something new

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