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Normally described as the land of “ice and fire”, this year Iceland needed to be renamed – the land of snow, snow and more snow, with lots of ice.

All students experienced the same Icelandic delights from swimming in the Blue Lagoon, to climbing to the top of waterfalls. Year 10 even attempted to walk behind one of the waterfalls, but were turned back by the deep ice still sat on the ground in spring!

As normal, there was great delight to breathe in that fresh Icelandic air (and by fresh I mean a strong hint of rotting eggs!). Year 10 even achieved one better than the Year 11 group and navigated to the end of a glacier snout.
As always, the students were great ambasssdors for the school and community, although it was very disappointing to note that not one of them was brave enough to try the local
delicasy of dried fish.

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