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Our fantastic new CHS App has seen over 80% of parents and carers download in the first two terms, which is brilliant for our
communication with you! The development of the App means we can now provide you with the latest and most relevant information about the school and your child; we are continually working to develop this even further.

To promote engagement with the App, since October half term we have been running an inter-form competition with prizes for the tutor group for the most App downloads. Students in the highest-scoring tutor groups were placed in to a prize draw. One lucky student from the tutor group that topped the leader board won an iPod touch and another iPod touch was awarded to a student from the tutor group that was the most improved form since we began the competition. Chocolates were awarded to the two tutors group that were runners up.

Congratulations to the students in Form 7I who have won the competition and a special congratulation to Emma Grindley who won the top prize of the iPod touch. 2nd Place went to 8I so congratulations to them too, and in particular Cameron Sharp who won the 2nd prize iPod Touch! 8I were the best performing form.

The winners and runners up are as follows: 7I Form Winner – Winner – iPod Touch – Emma Grindley; 8I – Most Improved Form – iPod Touch – Cameron Sharp; 8T – 3rd Place – Chocolates; 9I – 4th Place – Chocolates

Have you got the APP yet? Exciting new development

If you have not yet downloaded the App, now is the time to do so. We have made some more exciting developments to the product in the last few weeks and are now trialling the use of the App to send you confidential Progress Review report data direct to your phone. In the fast-moving pace of the modern world, we are trying to make the information you need as accessible as possible. For Years 7-10 students, Spring Term Progress Review data has recently been sent home. We can only send you the digital report if you have the School App and therefore want to get as many of our remaining parents signed up to the App as soon as possible to get this important information out to all of you digitally in the future. Please see our school website for more details, or if you are reading the newsletter electronically on your
mobile phone why not download straight away by clicking here:

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