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On Friday 27th February, a French theatre company, Théâtre Français International, visited Culcheth High School for the first time to perform its production ‘Sur la route des Symboles Français’ to the whole of Years 8 and 9. The play tells the story of an unreliable French secret agent, Jean Bond, who is interrupted whilst on holiday in Marseille by a phone call from his boss and head of French Secret Services, Agnès. Agnès informs Jean that he is to undertake a top secret mission to save Marianne, the daughter of the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has been kidnapped. Whilst Jean is initially reluctant to cut his holiday short, he eventually accepts the mission and sets off in search of clues, a journey which takes him all over France.

Not only was the play visually entertaining, with its combination of mime and physical comedy, it was also performed entirely in French! Whilst the language was challenging, the students were able to successfully follow the plot and learn new vocabulary. Despite there only being one actor (other characters were performed by actors in an interactive film), the performance was well received by the students, especially when the audience was invited to participate, with Daniel Wright from 8T demonstrating his excellent acting skills! We are very much looking forward to next year’s production!

Here is what the students had to say:
Oliver Clarke 8M: ‘Very funny, very interactive and very entertaining’
Joe Campbell 8H: ‘The play was funny and even though the French was quite difficult to understand, the plot was simple enough to follow and there was a lot of audience interaction to keep it interesting. I would definitely recommend this for future years’
Holly Roughneen 8M: ‘I really enjoyed the play because, even though I didn’t know some of the language, it was easy to follow and because it was funny, it kept me interested’
Megan Pomphret 8H: ‘Good fun, very funny. Would love to see it again! However, it would be even better if we had a little script in English to help us understand some of the harder words 9/10’

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