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Our core purposes as a school are to:

  • Enable all students to achieve
  • Allow all students to thrive in a safe and caring environment
  • Guide all students to be confident, articulate and skilled citizens
  • Lift aspirations through a passion for learning
  • Engage parental and community support

The Governors believe that these objectives will be enabled by:

  • Recognising that high-quality teachers are the school’s principal asset; they will be supported, rewarded and motivated.
  • Setting high expectations for every student that reflect their personal strengths and support them to attain their potential.
  • Reviewing each student’s progress throughout their time at the school, and adjusting their targets and individual support as necessary.
  • Offering a personalised learning programme with academic and vocational learning pathways.
  • Encouraging parents to play a full role in school life and culture.
  • Being a key part of  Culcheth community life as  an educational hub for the community.
  • Maintaining a school which is environmentally sustainable and financially secure;
  • Encouraging the widest possible participation in sports and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Creating a caring environment by promoting equal opportunities and mutual respect.
  • Continuously reassessing the aims and objectives of the school with a view to constant refinement and improvement of the quality of education provided.
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