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On Monday 5th October, students received their subject targets and you will find them written on page 125 of your child’s planner. Currently, there are some huge national changes including a change from traditional GCSE grades to numbers in certain areas, assessment without levels, more rigorous specifications, a reduction in controlled assessments, the possibility of EBACC for all and a change in how schools are being judged. I feel the need to provide parents with more information and guidance about how Culcheth High School are tackling these changes. In each newsletter I will tackle one of the issues and there will be further details on the school website.

In terms of targets for our Years 7-9 students, we have continued to use National Curriculum levels for this academic year as this is what our students and parents are familiar with. When we do change, we will keep you fully informed. Some other schools have jumped into new systems but many are awaiting more guidance and this is the position for Culcheth High School. Our Year 11 students have the same targets as they were given this time last year. These targets are based on achieving 4 levels of progress from primary school to the end of secondary school (the national expectation is 3 levels of progress so we are setting
aspirational targets for our fantastic students). Our Year 10 students are also set a 4 level of progress target but for English and Maths they have been set a grade and a number which corresponds to the new GCSE grading system. The table below shows how the grades and numbers match up.

In summary, Culcheth High School will continue to take a measured and balanced approach to ensure decision are made in the best interests of our students.

Mr M Lamble, Deputy Headteacher

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