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Culcheth High School is proud to present its new Student Leadership Group! We believe that is vital for students to have a means to communicate their views about all aspects of school. For this reason we have established the Student Leadership Group (SLG) as a way to ensure that students’ views are represented and communicated to school leaders.

Students from each year group were invited to apply for positions and they were required to submit an application form to explain what skills and qualities they would be able to bring to the role. Due to the number of students wanting to participate, the Year 7 representatives were chosen by a whole year vote after the candidates each made a formal presentation in assembly. Mr Brown was extremely impressed: “The enthusiasm shown by the candidates and their commitment to supporting their fellow students and helping to make the school even better was clear, and I am confident that the SLG will make a significant and positive contribution.”

Since being formed, the SLG has been involved in a full day of training and planning in which they worked with Miss Martin to identify the challenges they would face and the key objectives they might focus on. After the event, Miss Martin said she was “very impressed with the thoughts and ideas the students discussed on the day and is excited to continue to work with the group to further improve the opportunities provided to all students.”

They will now meet regularly with the school’s Student Achievement Coordinators and Mr Hunt to discuss the key aspects of school life, whilst also ensuring that they communicate effectively with students from each year group. They have a lot of ideas and can’t wait to get started! For more information on other Student Leadership opportunities, please see the School Leadership section on the VLE.

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