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At the start of December, one of our Student Leadership members, Matthew Middlehurst, sent out a PowerPoint showing local and national charities. From the students’ votes, Cancer Research UK was chosen to be the National Charity and St. Rocco’s was chosen to be the Local Charity. From the funds raised from the Children in Need donations, a percentage of this money will go towards these charities and the work they do.

Also, we had a brief look of the Settling in Survey feedback that was sent out a few weeks ago. From this data, we looked at the overall behaviour in classes and then averages for certain lessons and years. This data can help us pinpoint where problems with behaviour are and in what year/class. Plus, we also asked what kind of things students thought should be improved. Once again, the topic of the Number Reward System came up. We discussed this and will continue to discuss it in meetings to come.

Finally, we also discussed the topic of the water fountains and came up with ideas of what to do about/with them. Some of our main ideas stem from the fact that the water fountain in Shakespeare block does not work. Plus, another idea was that we should add a second one outside Student Services to cope with the backlog of people who are attempting to fill up their water bottle.

Daniel Ross, Year 10

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