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At the end of the summer term, nine Year 9 students took part in a Warrington and Halton STEM residential workshop at the University of Chester’s Science park.

On the first day, they pitted their wits against the other schools with a ‘Robot Challenge’, where they had to build, test and evaluate the quality of their machine. The object of the simulation was to design a robot that could move along an electricity pylon wire and detect faults using the sensors that had been programmed in to it. In the afternoon, they enjoyed an interactive maths lecture explaining how game shows use mathematics to entice and engage their contestants.

The second day was spent in the science laboratories looking at the resistance of metallic objects with several of the university’s high tech equipment and they then removed the copper elements off a one pence piece in the chemistry lab. The residential was to give students an insight into life at university and all of them thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

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