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STEM Local Schools’ Big Bang Competition

On the 7th February Oliver Potts (8H) , James Pouncey (8N), James Witherington (8T), Lauren Reade (8N), Emma Burlinson (8H) and Declan Wilson (8I) attended Sellafield’s Big Bang Schools Competition. This full-day event took teams of six students from different schools in the area and had them work in teams to design and construct a workable crane that would be able to lift crates of ‘nuclear waste’ safely and within a time limit. They even had to consider the building materials and had to keep to a budget, everyone in the team had a role!

The aim of this competition was to win funding to attend the ‘Big Bang’ event at the NEC, Birmingham, and of course encourage students’ participation and appreciation of STEM subjects.

Sellafield graduate mentors and Engineers were available to offer advice on matters such as further education, work experience and possible career paths. Although the students didn’t win overall, the day was thoroughly enjoyed. Sellafield staff commented on how enthusiastic, focused and incredibly eager they were, asking questions about careers. Many thanks to Sellafield for the opportunity to take part in such a rewarding and interesting event.

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