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On 28th January 2016, Culcheth High School held its second Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Careers Fair to open the eyes of our students to the rich and vast range of careers available within STEM industries.

This was a huge event, brilliantly supported by over 75 ambassadors from 28 different organisations, providing students with valuable insight into the vast range of opportunities available within STEM courses and careers.

The fair was open to all year groups, and the ambassadors praised them for their enthusiasm and interesting questioning. Students had lots of positive things to say about the day including:
“There were some fun stalls which made you think about the jobs” (Year 9)
“The best thing was talking to the NHS – I have hopes of becoming a paramedic” (Year 9)
“I was able to talk to people about job opportunities for me in the future” (Year 10)
“That we could talk to different people and discover a range of jobs” (Year 10)
“Learning about different jobs that I didn’t realise I was interested in” (Year 8)

Many thanks to all of the companies who attended and the students for their excellent behaviour and interest on the day.

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