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Mrs Shaw

Excellence in the classroom requires the very best training and we know from research that master’s level study is important, not only for raising the status and professionalism of teaching, but also in helping staff to become better teachers. Master’s level teacher education, delivered in partnership between universities, schools and other partners, really does have a  transformational impact on teachers, their colleagues and their schools, which is why when Mrs Shaw was given the opportunity to study at master’s level she felt that it would be of great benefit, both for her professional development and the learning opportunities of our students.

Starting the course in 2011, Mrs Shaw completed modules based upon reflecting on current research and theories, sharing good
practice, improving schemes of work in both PSHE and D&T and embedding student voice feedback. Finally, she summarised the knowledge and skills she had developed in a focused research project based on the impact of STEM-related extra-curricular activities on student attainment (further supporting the CHS STEM agenda), before graduating in July 2016 at Edgehill University with a MA in Education degree.

Mrs Shaw is proof that you are never too old to study, develop and learn, and she would like to thank the students and staff at CHS who supported her through this rewarding journey.

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