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Forty five school weeks since selection, £13,951.01 raised by the students, over 300 kind donations of gifts and 1,040kg of luggage allowance… it looks like the next Soweto team are finally ready for departure!
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If you have followed the Culcheth-2-Soweto project over recent years, you will know that this is a project that staff, students, parents and our wider community work tirelessly to support. While the final performance of our students in their GCSEs is vitally important, education is more than just the final sum of the qualifications, it is about the whole person and what better way to prepare all of our young people at Culcheth High School than to provide a truly global educational experience.

Miss Longden and Mrs Lakin have guided the programme since the beginning back in 2008, with the kind support and generosity of many other staff along the way. However, every time the programme starts it really is a nervous excitement for all, with everyone asking the same question: can we really do it again? Well we have. Our new team (photographed above) have done just that. After a gruelling series of challenges from Jan – July 2014, 23 students made the final cut to be the next team. Since then, as a team, they have gone on to raise collectively £13,951.01 to make their visit to Soweto possible.

Their visit to Soweto began on Sunday 11th October and lasts until Tuesday 21st October and will involve a full programme of days in school, attending lessons, delivering lessons as well as learning about the history, culture and geography of South Africa. Find out how they get on in the next school newsletter and on our website.

THE SOWETO TEAM WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU….. this project would not be possible without everything that everyone does for us and our children. The students in the team have raised their money climbing mountains, riding bikes, making cakes and hosting coffee mornings, selling unwanted items, making hampers and running raffles. We know it is you that makes their work possible by sponsoring our students, buying their cakes, making donations to their raffles and supporting their projects so we would like to say thank you! It really wouldn’t be possible without the kind support, encouragement and donations of money and gifts that make it all happen.

In this edition of the newsletter, we would like to pay a special thank you to a local company in Leigh, Adactus Housing Group, who had a truly fantastic idea to support our work. Within the company, over 50 employees decided to mark International Youth Day on 12th August by donating and making educational gift packs for the students in Soweto and have presented these to the students for them to deliver to the school. What a fantastic idea, thank you.

Further to this, JWS Waste in Salford, through their community work, have also made an amazing donation to the work of the team, donating £1000.00 in cash to the work of our students and the link project. This donation started because one of our team, Lauren Jenkinson, wrote a lovely letter to local companies telling them about our work and what we are doing. It has always been our plan to “bank” this money and put it toward the return visit of the South African students….more about this in the next newsletter!

Mr Cushing is the newest member of Culcheth High School staff joining the project and is taking our work high tech – please keep up to date with what we are up to on our blog while the team area way in South Africa or follow us on twitter at @Culcheth2Soweto.

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