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‘Deans for Impact’ is an organisation that is committed to improving student outcomes by educating teachers on the science of learning. The organisation works closely within the field of educational research in order to develop programmes of study that
will enable teachers to better understand the science and the psychology behind how students best learn. Scientific studies around how students learn and engage with learning are continuing to grow and they are invaluable in providing teachers with the knowledge they need to continually improve student outcomes in their classrooms.

‘Deans for Impact’ have published a paper called “The Science of Learning” and a summary of the findings can be seen in the diagram shown.

Educational research is also enabling teachers to better educate our young people on the most effective ways to learn. This is more crucial than ever now that our students are faced with the increasing demands of the GCSE reforms and the increasing
levels of knowledge and skill required to meet national benchmarks in their exams. This is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for many young people and therefore it is so important that they can develop a tool-kit that ensures they are spending their valuable time completing tasks that will help them to commit their knowledge to long-term memory as opposed to
strategies that have been proven to be less effective. For example, research shows that regular interleaved retrieval practice (e.g. regular quizzes) is significantly more effective when trying to commit knowledge to long-term memory than simply re-reading revision notes. For further information on the science of learning please visit: and

Miss J Lomax,
Research Lead

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