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The Governors are determined that the appearance of the students should be of the highest standard and ALL those in Years 7 to 11 must wear the school uniform, as listed below:

Black blazer with school logo
Black v-necked sweater (optional – No cardigans or alternatives)
CHS school tie (clip on for Year 7 & Year 8)*
Plain black shoes (see below)
Plain white school shirt (long or short sleeved only)

Girls Uniform

  • Black school skirt (with logo and worn to the knee) or black trousers (classic design, not stretch fabric)
  • Plain white or black socks or plain black tights Plain black or grey socks
  • Sturdy plain black shoes (no open toes, heels, trainers,hybrid versions, boots, demi-boots, canvas or footwear with any logos)

Boys Uniform

  • Black trousers
  • Plain black or grey socks
  • Plain black shoes (no trainers, hybrid versions, boots, demi-boots, canvas or footwear with any logos)
  • Please see additional guidance on ‘School Shoes’ on the school website
  • Top coats must not be worn inside school at any time and must be stored in students’ lockers.
  • Cords, denim jeans and jackets, leather coats and tracksuit tops, hoodies and shorts are not included in the school uniform. If a belt is worn it must be plain black.
  • Uniform can be purchased from Student Services.
  • All clothing and equipment must be marked with the owner’s name.
  • Jewellery, including any studs, must not be worn in school but students with pierced ears may wear one stud in each ear, in the lower lobe.
  • Make-up is unnecessary and inappropriate for school and must not be worn.
  • Nail polish, acrylic/shellac/gel nails and nail extensions should not be worn for school.
  • Hairstyles must be suitable for school. (The styles to be no shorter than grade 2, which includes any patterns, lines or indentations shaved or sculptured onto the hair. Non-natural colours are not acceptable.)
  • *Clip on ties are compulsory for Year 7 & Year 8 only. Other years may purchase them if they wish to. Standard ties will be available to Years 9 – 11 until current stock runs out.
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