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A number of strategies are in place at Culcheth High School to support improved levels of literacy and, as a result, improved grades and confidence, for all students. These strategies fall into two main categories: the first promotes improved literacy across the whole curriculum; the second supports students who struggle with specific elements of literacy or who struggle with literacy in general.

To support literacy across the curriculum we have introduced standard procedures for writing and reading texts, supported by learning materials in all classrooms. Subjects also have their own literacy displays. All students have individualised literacy targets which are displayed in all exercise books and are referred to in all subject areas as part of marking and feedback; and, all exercise books contain spelling corrections booklets so that students can work on their spellings in every subject area. Student planners contain additional pages to help with specific areas of literacy that students most commonly struggle with. All subjects are in the process of compiling a subject anthology of challenging and engaging texts to further promote reading for pleasure and the development of reading skills. A number of training sessions have been run for staff who wish to improve their literacy teaching even further. Trips and celebration assemblies are planned.

To support students with additional literacy requirements, a range of strategies have also been put in place. These students are provided with two hours of additional literacy teaching every week, in small classes staffed by English teachers and specialist support staff. These classes are supported by a range of specialist resources and the focus within them is on individualised support. This year, students will also have the opportunity to work to improve writing from other subjects. The Accelerated Reader programme is followed by all students in Years 7 and 8 and continues in Y9 for those students who need extra support. In addition, the reading challenge involves Year 10 students acting as reading mentors for two mornings a week, helping those students in Year 7 and Year 8 who require additional support to improve their reading.   This year, a unique individual literacy plan will be written for every student enrolled on the literacy intervention programme. These plans will be compiled by Specialists within the school and will contain specific advice for classroom teachers detailing how they can best support the students in lessons. The progress of students who are in the literacy intervention groups will be tracked.

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