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On Monday 2nd March, Year 9 and Year 10 students watched a theatre production called ‘Risking it All’. The Warrington Safeguarding Children Board had recommended the innovative programme of Theatre in Education looking at risk-taking behaviour as part of its remit to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation. This project supports Culcheth High
School in focusing on e-safety
and other safeguarding issues in conjunction with the PSHE curriculum.

The age-appropriate ‘Risking It All’ is a gripping piece of verbatim theatre that takes three stories from local young people who are negatively impacted by a number of issues including e-safety (Snapchat & Facebook/social network misuse), substance and alcohol misuse, sexual exploitation and inappropriate relationships. Students were engaged in a mid-show discussion using a facilitation tool called forum theatre. This intervention allowed the students to decide the fate of the characters and explore alternative outcomes for each character.
The performance was delivered by 2engage, a local Community Interest Company based at the University of Chester.

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