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Monday 20th June saw the beginning of Refugee Week in conjunction with Christian Aid. This provided a crucial opportunity to share information with students about the Refugee Crisis, encourage critical thinking and promote a sense of empathy and understanding towards the families seeking refuge.

Every day is a constant reminder of the thousands of families battling the treacherous seas of the Mediterranean in order to find safety for themselves and their children. We see pictures on social media of boats overturning in the sea and many people losing their lives. However, it is easy for this to be overlooked in the wake of the successful Brexit campaign, which appears to have led to a rise of negative attitudes towards immigration and the refugee crisis. I felt it was crucial to educate our young people and provide them with the knowledge and tools to form their own opinions. Facts. Facts provide knowledge.

As a result of this, tutor groups were asked to explore life as a refugee, looking particularly at a thought-provoking video that featured a young British teenager who appeared to be in the middle of a war zone and suffering the same fate as thousands of people are currently facing every day. This led to valuable discussions and debates amongst students across all year groups about whether or not refugees should be given asylum in the UK. Discussions were led brilliantly by form tutors who were able to engage with and deliver a powerful message to our students. The programme was successful and provided students with an insight into the harrowing ordeals that refugees are facing. Students were able to demonstrate integrity, morality and high levels of empathy and showed a keen interest in wanting to find out more. Watch this space!

Miss Lomax, RE Department

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