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Race to the Line

 On Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th July 2023, all of our Year 7 students took part in the
“Race to the Line” challenge, working in teams to design and build a model car,
powered by a cannister of pressurised carbon dioxide and creating little vehicles
capable of reaching speeds of up to 14 metres per second! The project was a STEM
event run in collaboration by the Science, Design and Technology and Computer
Science Departments to highlight how skills in different subject areas can overlap
and support one another.

In their teams, students designed a variety of shapes for their car to produce the
most aerodynamic and eye-catching models. They worked together to discuss and
develop a design solution and, starting from a sustainable foam block, they used
saws, glass paper, scissors and card to create and refine their entries to the

On both days we had a wonderful selection of entries that both looked great and
performed well on the track. Set off from a custom-built launcher, and being
measured on the timing gate programmed by students in the Computer Science
classrooms, every single car had a successful run, with every team taking part - a
new record for the project, which is now in its third year at Culcheth High School.
Engagement from the students was excellent and feedback from staff and
students has been very positive. Let’s see if next year’s Year 7 cohort can beat this
year’s records!

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