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If one day of the year screams “Party!” in maths classes across the world, then that day is 14th March. Each year on this day, teachers in classrooms take a break from the normal routine to plan a special celebration in honour of Pi, or the number 3.14. This year at Culcheth High School, there was a dingbat competition around the school that engaged all of the students, along with the staff too.  Our KS3 students designed bunting and paper chains to decorate the maths corridors, and there was one student who even recited Pi to 42 places!! 1

4th March also happens to be the birth date of Albert Einstein — which makes the day an extra special one for planning maths challenges and maths fun! All of the students engaged well in the day and were eager to know what would be planned for next year’s Pi Day.

This year, we would like to thanks all students who took the time and effort to participate in this year’s Pi Dingbats Competition, especially the two winners of the competition, Ethan Anderson and Joseph Sinclair.

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