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On 10th February, the two of us, Jaimie and Casey, participated in the 2016 Salford Dance Explosion at the Quays Theatre. On arrival at the theatre, we rehearsed once or twice and then we were taken to our changing room, where we did our hair and makeup and prepared for the big show.

Our dance teacher, Jayne Lucas, choreographed the dance. It was a funky, fast and amazing performance. We spent most of our free time in the dance studio practising and working up a massive sweat but it was worth it.

Both of us thought it was a great opportunity to participate in such a wonderful performance; we were shaking with fear before we were about to go on stage but when we were dancing we found it fun and incredible.  Not only did we love it, the audience thought it was brilliant, they all gave us a standing ovation! Hopefully next year we will get to perform again and have another excellent performance to showcase.

Casey Jackson and Jaimie Dunn, 8A

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