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Friday 7th July 2017 was the second annual Memorial Day for former Culcheth High School student, Patric Wilson.

To support the superb work of Cancer Research UK, we held a non-uniform day for all year groups. As Patric was an avid Liverpool Football Club supporter, we encouraged students to wear their preferred team’s football shirt or colours on the day itself. A surprising array of allegiances were claimed: from Burnley to Barcelona, with staff and students alike enjoying some friendly banter and rivalry, all for a splendid cause (and an equally splendid young man, who we still miss).

In addition to this, Mr Welsford and the PE Department held a Race for Life during PE lessons and sponsorship monies were also collected by many students to bolster our fundraising. Mrs Tanner’s Year 9s also dreamt up some inventive ways to raise cash, which mostly involved gunking teachers and selling delicious wares… well done to them – read on for more information.

The total raised overall so far stands at a brilliant £2438, and the money is still coming in! Thanks to all parents, students and staff who contributed to make the day such a success!


Year 9 Teenage Cancer Trust

Year 9 carried on their theme from Activities Week on Friday July 7th to try to raise as much money as they could for the TCT in memory of Patric Wilson.

All week, the students had been raffling a brilliant prize given to us through the TCT from Liverpool Football Club of two tickets for an ‘Anfield Experience’, as well as selling badges and bands to raise awareness of the TCT. 8H, with the help of Mrs Shaw, also did a cake sale that sold out in minutes and raised nearly £50.

The finale of our event was at lunchtime where 9N set up their Treasure Island for people to guess the square with a prize and 9H (The Chilli Bean Company) did their baked bean challenge. Eleven members of staff were kept in suspense until 1.45pm when the results of the vote were released. It was a close call between Mr Hunt and Miss Longden for 2nd and 3rd place but the very gallant Mr Hughes won hands down with the most votes to be ‘beaned’!!! The students were excellent and gave their support (whipped into a frenzy by the very relieved Mr Hunt) and Mr Hughes was duly ‘beaned’, much to the delight of the crowds!

It was a brilliant atmosphere and so far, Year 9 has raised £250 to support the charities.

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