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Friday 13th July 2018 was the third annual Memorial Day for former Culcheth High School student, Patric Wilson.

To support the admirable work of Cancer Research UK, we held a non-uniform day for all year groups. As Patric was an avid Liverpool Football Club supporter, we encouraged students to wear their preferred team’s football shirt or colours on the day itself, which resulted in a wealth of friendly banter between friends turned rivals! It was a day Patric would have enjoyed immensely- we still miss him.

The non-uniform day alone raised a whopping £1,853.95 via ParentPay and cash donations to Student Services!  In addition to this, Mr Welsford and the PE Department held a Race for Life during PE lessons and sponsorship monies were also collected by many students to bolster our fundraising. Sponsorship donations totalled £1,346.90.

Thanks to all parents, students and staff who contributed to make the day such a triumph of charity inspired by tragedy.

Mr.P.H. Groves, Assistant Headteacher

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