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Patric Wilson finished his Year 11 education with us at Culcheth High School in summer 2015. In Year 11, Patric was diagnosed with a brain tumour and, as a result, underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Despite all of his treatment, when Patric was well enough he wanted to be in school amongst his friends and teachers. Patric wanted to get on with the normal things in life and did so, including playing football, demonstrating this young man’s desire to get on and live life to the full.

Unfortunately for Patric, the tumours were aggressive and returned in his spine. In spite of this, he managed to come into school and complete some of his GCSE examinations, desperate to achieve the great success he was more than capable of, with aspirations of becoming a journalist.  Patric attended the Year 11 Prom and had a wonderful evening, celebrating the end of examinations and high school with his friends and girlfriend. Patric started college at Priestley in September and, although he was still undergoing treatment, he continued to attend around his treatment cycles. Patric was a bright, intelligent and determined student.

On Saturday 13th February, Patric sadly died at home and his parents have paid tribute to their youngest son who was the most caring boy in the world, and was always smiling until the end. Patric was a truly inspirational young man and he will be missed by many of our school community, past and present.

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