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For some students, going to school is a joy – but for others it is a stressful experience. National statistics tell us that teachers are struggling and students wilting, leading to low-level disruption, burnout, anxiety, absence and mental ill-health. The current mental health system acts as a ‘safety net’ and schools are very good at providing counselling, therapies, interventions and support for those who fall….

But how can we stop young people becoming mentally unwell in the first place? How can we help the next generation to lead flourishing lives? What’s the real solution? How can we move wellbeing from the edge to the centre?

The answer is to equip young people with the knowledge and skills that enable them to take charge of their own wellbeing – essentially how you can be you, BRILLIANTLY!

The ‘Brilliant Schools’ programme shows our students how. We want this to become a whole-school ethos; everyone becoming a TOP 2%er, no MOOD HOOVERS allowed!

The Content:
Led by Andy Cope, author of ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager’ and the ‘Spy Dog’ series, the workshop is based on 12 years of PhD research into happiness, wellbeing and flourishing lives. The content includes wellbeing, happiness, positive psychology, resilience, personal responsibility, mindfulness, growth mindsets, goal setting, strengths, altruism and emotional intelligence. The workshops are designed to be engaging, thought provoking, inspiring and fun and will help our school community to truly be ‘the best that we can be’.

The Programme Structure:
September 2017
: Each school selects 10 Year 8 students and allocates a staff member who will mentor the participants
After October half term: The Year 8s receive 3 x half days of training (Nov 2, 8, & 20) Each school group devises a 10-point plan of action to improve learning, wellbeing and positivity across their school
Nov to Easter: School plans enacted, supported by school mentor. Skype sessions with Andy and the team
After Easter: Year 8s meet as a group once more. Share their stories and plan a big summer event
Summer term: Break the world record for ‘random acts of kindness in a day’. Teenagers make headline news for the right reasons

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