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Culcheth High School was in touch with a non-profit making computer museum in Wigton near Carlisle called Time-Line Computer Archive.

Over the summer, they were seeking some older equipment to show off in their museum and allow children to be able to use.  Culcheth High School felt that they could help the museum as we had some older Apple Mac G3s from 2001 that are no longer used in school; it would be a shame to throw them away so we donated seven old iMacs to the museum.

The museum was delighted that Culcheth High School could help; Sandra Hodson, a co-ordinator at the museum, said “It is amazing how quickly young minds grasp the concept of equipment we have been showing them. It is great to see their faces light up when they can touch these machines”.

If you are around the area, please feel free to contact Sandra and the team to visit the Museum! Sandra is in the process of taking some pictures and producing an article for us to thank us for our contribution so please do keep checking back at Time Line Computer Archive.

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