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July saw the culmination of the Newchurch to Culcheth Transition Project. After months of planning, the project saw students from Newchurch and Culcheth engage in a range of activities across both schools. The aims of the transition project were to raise attainment at KS2, improve students’ preparedness for secondary education and to maintain levels of achievement as students move into KS3 study.

The workshops that took place in English, maths and science introduced Newchurch students to concepts and approaches that they will encounter in secondary school and gave Culcheth High School students the opportunity to develop their coaching and mentoring skills. Spread across a number of days, the activities included the following: developing advanced analytical skills and longer written answers in English; working with maps, Digimaps and clinometers to improve understanding of networks, nodes and trigonometry in maths; and using advanced scientific apparatus to solve problems and test hypotheses in science.

The hard work of the teachers and the students really paid off and the project was a great success. The Newchurch students impressed everyone with the way they picked up some very complex concepts that will really help them ‘hit the ground running’ as they start at Culcheth. Amongst lots of positive feedback, one quote really encapsulates the success of this project: “It was great fun, and very engaging … and I can’t wait for high school now.”

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