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At the end of July my mum received an email from the F.A saying that I had been selected for the national England U14 football squad for a 3-day camp in Warwick starting on Wednesday 15th

We weren’t due back from our holiday in France until Sunday 19th August. My mum had to cut our holiday short and book new flights to get me back. There was no way I was going to miss it.

England camp was so good. We were roomed up with team mates. I was with a player from Oxford and a player from York.  Every morning you had to go and give a urine sample to be tested for hydration levels. Mine was the best result on both mornings.

We had three full days of training and in the evenings we had time to relax and we also did classroom work. The food was great (very healthy) and the coaches, physio and support staff were all really nice. The next 3-day camp is in October so I am hoping I get called up to that one too. I have been given an England diary too which I have to fill in.

Jemima Dahou,

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