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Pastoral care at Culcheth High School is all about treating our young people as individuals, providing a moral compass and breaking down any potential barriers to learning. Academic success, personal growth and excellent pastoral care go hand in hand. Please meet the Progress Leaders who work to ensure our young people become the best that they can be, in every sense:

Miss Butler – Progress Leader for Year 7
I have worked here at Culcheth High School since 2002. I teach science to all year groups, specialising in Chemistry. I have been a Progress Leader since 2006. I enjoy working with our students and feel that the most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing them develop their full potential, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr Owens – Progress Leader for Year 8
I have worked at Culcheth High School for seven years and this is my first year as a Progress Leader. I am extremely excited about working with the year group as I believe they can achieve great things. My subject specialism is Physical Education and my sporting interests lie mainly in football and golf.

Mrs Tanner – Progress Leader for Year 9
I have been teaching Geography at Culcheth High School since 1992 and have been involved in Pastoral Care for many, many years. I can honestly say that, although my love of Geography is my reason to teach, the pastoral aspect of my job is what I find extremely fulfilling. Watching and helping young people grow and develop as they move through the school is thoroughly rewarding and I look forward to working with Year 9 this year.

Miss Appleby – Progress Leader for Year 10
I have worked at Culcheth High since 2002 as an English teacher and I have been a Progress Leader since 2009. I enjoy teaching English to all year groups and, naturally for an English teacher, I love reading. I am currently Progress Leader for Year 10 and have worked with this year group for the last two years. This year my team of tutors and I are really looking forward to working with the Year 10 students to help and support them as they commence their GCSE studies.

Mrs Brearley – Progress Leader for Year 11 and Interim Assistant Headteacher (KS4 Progress)
I have been a member of staff at Culcheth High School for 12 years and during this time I have taught PE and Geography alongside my role as a Progress Leader. As a Progress Leader, I have worked hard to encourage, motivate and support our Key stage 4 students, and previously Sixth Form students, to achieve their full potential in GCSE and A level examinations. I am passionate about this aspect of my job and it is always excellent to see what our students achieve when they come back and visit us. I am now an Interim Assistant Headteacher, whilst continuing to be Progress Leader for Year 11.

Mr Cushing – Pupil Premium Progress Leader
I have worked at Culcheth High School since 2003 teaching Physical Education. In recent years I have fulfilled the role of Head of Sixth Form and have thoroughly enjoyed guiding students into their desired career pathways, such as, university, apprenticeships and employment. In my new role, I will be leading a team of staff responsible for working with students in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding from Years 7 to 11. I am looking forward to helping students realise their true potential and make the most of the opportunities presented to them throughout their school life.

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