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After a very early and dark start on Thursday morning, myself, four other members of staff and 50 students set off on our travels to Iceland. We landed and headed to see the Bridge Between Two Continents, providing the students with a chance to see a constructive plate boundary and the effect of the Eurasian and North American Plate pulling apart from each other.

After this, we headed straight to the Blue Lagoon for some relaxation in the luxury spa resort, built on geothermal pools. This was a wonderful experience and was certainly needed after only four hours of sleep. The day was rounded off with a walk around Reykjavík, during which we experienced a famous Icelandic storm.

The next day was action-packed and saw us visit a Geothermal Energy Power Station, a magnificent waterfall and a geyser. In the evening, students visited the local swimming baths and had a very competitive game of water basketball. Another early start in the morning saw students visit the Black Sand beach, another waterfall and a chance to see a glacier. This was a fantastic experience to see first-hand the effect that climate change is having on the extent of glacial retreat. One that was made even better by a rainbow appearing over the snout of the glacier. Thoroughly exhausted, students were treated to an ice cream in the evening.

This was a brilliant and action-packed visit and all students were a real credit to themselves and our school. Special thanks to Miss Lomax, Mrs Doyle, Miss Brock and Mr Hunt for helping to make this trip a success.

Miss Tyers, Head of Geography

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