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The inaugural CHS ‘Hello Yellow’ event was launched by Year 8 students on Friday 19th May in order to get students talking about Mental Health. We all have mental health, just like we have physical health, and in order to help our young people take care of themselves and each other, we need to stop the stigma and start the conversation about how to be well and stay well. Inspired by ‘Young Minds’, the idea is that students wear something yellow to stimulate conversations and to highlight awareness of mental health.

Groups of students also hosted a number of fundraising events throughout the day, including ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’, ‘sweet pong’ and a Cake Sale.

The proceeds of this event (a fantastic £157.87) have been donated to the British Red Cross ‘We Love Manchester Emergency Fund’ which has been established to swiftly provide funds to the families of victims of the attack at the Manchester Arena, to help them to cope at this incredibly difficult time.

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